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In the USA alone around 3.5 million people could benefit from a schizophrenia cure because they struggle with this form of mental illness. In the past schizophrenia was considered to be incurable, leaving suffers with little hope. People who have this mental disorder often experience patterns of speech and thought that are disorganized and even chaotic. Delusions and hallucinations are also very common with this condition. A new research study gives hope that a cure may be possible, and the cure could come from within the individual instead of from external sources. A study performed by a research team from Western University Robarts Research Institute and London Science Centre Prevention & Early Intervention Program for Psychoses Medical Director Dr Lena Palaniyappan has determined that the damage done by schizophrenia in the brain could be repaired over time. The goal is to cure schizophrenia instead of just managing the symptoms of this mental disorder.

The research study on a schizophrenia cure and more effective treatment options for this form of mental illness involved 98 adults who were previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and who were clinically stable. An additional 83 subjects of the study did not have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. According to Dr. Palaniyappan “Even the state-of-art frontline treatments aim merely for a reduction rather than a reversal of the cognitive and functional deficits caused by the illness. Our results highlight that despite the severity of tissue damage, the brain of a patient with schizophrenia is constantly attempting to reorganize itself, possibly to rescue itself or limit the damage.”