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obstacles to recovery, substance abuse help

There are many obstacles to recovery, and mothers who seek out substance abuse help face additional issues and problems that must be addressed as well. These women must work hard to overcome their substance abuse issues, but that is just the beginning. Mothers who have an addiction must also learn to face any past abuse and traumas in order to gain a permanent recovery. In some cases the state has become involved, and many mothers are also trying to fight to regain custody of children that they lost because of their substance abuse. Many people do not think about mothers using drugs or drinking excessively, and this subject is often seen as taboo even in a modern society where few subjects are off limits.

Mothers who seek substance abuse help may feel like they are facing an up hill climb on Mt. Everest. Sometimes it can take multiple attempts to get clean, and this shows the obstacles to recovery that addicted moms can face. In addition the women must work hard to reclaim families and rebuild lives that are often left shattered and in need of repair. Mothers who seek substance abuse help need understanding, compassion, and effective methods. Too often these women face stigma, and they can be socially ostracized for their past mistakes instead of being offered the support that they need. Addiction can cause anyone to stumble, and mothers are not the only ones who take this fall. Instead of being judgmental try offering compassion and support in order to help these women overcome their obstacles to recovery and succeed.