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prevent holiday relapse

1. Increase your sponsor contacts. It is possible to prevent holiday relapse with the right support, and your sponsor is an important part of your support system.

2. Leave any events or situations where your recovery may be jeopardized. If you feel a relapse trigger coming on then you have every right to leave. Politely say goodbye and go, without feeling guilty or letting anyone pressure you into staying.

3. Try to view alcohol and drugs as a deadly poison. If you think of poison every time you see alcohol or drugs then you are more likely to prevent holiday relapse and stay on the road to recovery.

4. Attend support meetings more frequently, daily if needed. In order to prevent holiday relapse you need to stay strong, and support meetings can help you do this. Find out where these are held in your area and go as often as you need to.

5. Remember to eat healthy meals and snacks. Good nutrition can help prevent holiday relapse triggers and allow you to stay sober. During the holidays the rush makes many forget to eat properly, and this can cause you to relapse.

6. Get plenty of exercise. When you exercise you relieve pent up stress and this will help prevent holiday relapse. Exercise also releases endorphins in the brain and provides a feeling of well being and contentment naturally.

7. Don’t forget to get your beauty rest each night. Plenty of sleep can be the best tool to prevent holiday relapse and keep you on the right path to a permanent recovery.

8. Make sure that any holiday gatherings will have non alcoholic drinks offered.