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stop drinking, stop drinking permanently

1. Admit that you have a problem and need to stop drinking. If you want permanent results than you have to engage in an honest analysis of whether you have an addiction to alcohol, and whether you want stop drinking or not. The desire to stop drinking will help your treatment effectiveness and the final results that you achieve.

2. See a physician. Your doctor or a substance abuse specialist can help you determine what your treatment options are and whether you may require a medically supervised detox program or not. A physician can be a terrific resource and can help guide you to the needed treatment so that you can start on the road to recovery.

3. Research the right alcohol abuse detox and treatment programs. There are many programs that promise to help you stop drinking permanently, but not all of them deliver on this promise. Do your research to evaluate what types of treatment each program offers, how much it costs, and all of the other details before you choose one to participate in.

4. Set up a support system. Once you start treatment to stop drinking you may need an extensive support system in place to help you deal with weak moments and intense cravings. These can lead to a relapse if you do not have support available when you need it.

5. Attend local 12 step meetings regularly. These meetings can hep you keep your resolve to stop drinking and keep you on the right track.