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When it comes to addiction treatment there are many program types and facility options to choose from. One factor that may be overlooked initially is faith, and this is a big mistake. Faith can help in many ways when an addiction is present and help is needed. A Christian drug rehab or alcohol treatment center may see a higher success rate and longer client recovery times without relapse than programs and facilities that do not have any faith based affiliations. Believing in a higher power allows individuals to learn to accept what can not be changed, and to trust in god to help them make the right choices and decisions. If the spiritual component is missing then the recovery achieved may only be short term and the substance abuse may resume shortly after you leave the treatment program.


A Christian based addiction treatment program like the Crossing Point can help in a number of ways. The staff is compassionate and caring, with Christian beliefs and a true concern for your well being. Faith also helps make you stronger and allows you to learn to accept the things in your life that you have no control over. Spiritual healing is an important part of recovery and if this step is missed then spiritual voids may not be filled. This can leave hidden wounds that are still there, and these will continue to fester and infect your life. Just because the traumas and wounds that cause spiritual voids are hidden this does not mean that they do not exist, and these must be addressed if your recovery is to be permanent.