Our staff have extensive experience in dealing with addiction, mental health, life skills, family issues, and abuse issues (among other training). Our Clinical counselling team in our Residential Treatment programs hold Masters Degrees with some also being Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC).

Our teams participate in ongoing educational training opportunities to keep current with the latest developments in the field of addiction and mental health treatment.

Along with professional training and education, the staff at The Crossing Point are real, down-to-earth people who want to help you or your loved one. The Crossing Point prides itself on a highly skilled and compassionate staff that works hard for clients. Our staff also understands addiction and knows when to draw boundaries, challenge clients, and encourage clients to see things differently. We value balancing support and guidance with honesty and responsibility. Our staff want to empower clients, but also want to be honest with them when they are using old behaviors that no longer work for them. Lastly, The Crossing Point’ staff always works as a team and it is this team oriented focus that helps to deliver such a top-notch program.

Royce Dockrill, BRI-Interventionist, Genesis Relapse Prevention

Royce Dockrill, BRI-Interventionist, Genesis Relapse Prevention

Chief Executive Officer

Royce and LeeAnn together form a strong team, having owned and operated their own businesses for the past thirteen years. They have taken on many challenges in life, and overcome them with confidence and faith. Royce and LeeAnn oversee all the daily aspects of Valiant recovery.

Royce and LeeAnn have a zeal to help others. Their ambition in life was to become successful, for the ultimate purpose of turning around and helping others. When the opportunity arose to become CEOs of Valiant Recovery, they were already looking for ways to help those affected by the trap of addictions. Seeing the devastation that addiction has brought to so many individuals and their families, gave them a passion to see others not merely helped, but truly set free. Valiant Recovery was a perfect fit into Royce and LeeAnn’s vision to help others. Now they bring that passion with them to Valiant Recovery, keeping that vision alive and growing stronger every day with the entire team.

In their spare time Royce and LeeAnn take joy in volunteering. LeeAnn has led different areas and events with Children’s ministries in their local church, and is part of prayer and prophetic ministries. Recently she began a ministry to local women caught in addictions. Royce donates his spare time helping out in the audio department at their local church, and other churches abroad.

God created everyone with a purpose. Our desire is that you would fulfill your God given purpose in life, living your life to its fullest. Life is not just about you, but also about what you can do for others!!!

LeeAnn Dockrill: BRI-Interventionist, Genesis Relapse Prevention

LeeAnn Dockrill: BRI-Interventionist, Genesis Relapse Prevention

Chief Operating Officer

Jennie Anagnostopoulos: Genesis Relapse Prevention Specialist

Jennie Anagnostopoulos: Genesis Relapse Prevention Specialist

Program Manager

Jenny coordinates and oversees the client programs and general operation of the facilities here at Valiant Recovery, She is a certified Relapse prevention Specialist with the Genesis Process, a relapse prevention program.

Jenny Facilitates a variety of courses at Valiant Recovery related to addiction. Jenny loves teaching courses like boundaries, leading others to become stronger individuals, guarding their life and emotions. It is her desire that everyone is able to be free from the problems that grip them and to experience a new freedom in life.

In Previous years she has worked with many individuals coming out of their addictions as she helped at the House of Sharon, a women’s home in our city.

Jenny, also plays a role in our kitchen, after working years on the food industry, she enjoys preparing delicious healthy meals.

Mitch Reich: BA-Th, Ba-RE

Mitch Reich: BA-Th, Ba-RE

Facilitator, Fitness Coach

Mitchell loves to teach and lead small groups, helping others discover their full potential and purpose in life. He has been a 12 step practitioner for over twenty five years, worked as an ordained Pastor, Teacher Facilitator and outreach worker with street addicts.
Mitchell Competed in and coached Professional skiing and firmly believes in healthy diet and exercise as essential pillars to the abundant life.  On his Day off you will often find him at the gym,  or Ski hill.
Christy Brown: Lay counselling

Christy Brown: Lay counselling


Christy has spent over 10 years of her life doing what she loves; counselling teens, women, men, and couples.  In addition she was a full time youth ministry counsellor for 4 years, and trained and volunteered with Hospice.
Christy has a  passion for people, helping them with challenges and getting to the core reasons,  the WHY behind their addictions, and compulsions.  By helping them work through courses such as co-dependency, boundaries, grief and loss, and forgiveness, she is able to see lives strengthened.  Helping individuals suffering in there marriages and relationships, is one of her favourite areas, she has extensive experience and training in this area as well.
Christy also enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating good  “home style cooking”.
“I enjoy spending time with the clients and getting to know them on a real level and relate to them as a person.  I like to laugh, have fun and have a good sense of humour, because although things might be tough and hard work, it is important to laugh and see the light side as well as dig deep and get things dealt with.”  Christy
Melanie Peterson: Relapse prevention specialist,

Melanie Peterson: Relapse prevention specialist,


After years of working with a variety of individuals of through a local church ministry, Mel decided it was time for a career change.

Living Room for Mens Rehab Residence located in Kelowna BC
A person relaxing on bed in nice bedroom with a Kelowna view while in rehab.
Mens Rehab Residence Bedroom
Private Rehab Bedroom with window.
Mens Lounge with long sofa's in Kelowna Rehab facility.
A typical twin bed mens rehab beroom in Kelowna BC.
Womens rehab Residence bedroom
Kelonwa Rehab interior at womens lounge
areal view of Kelowna BC where a rehab residence is located
comfortable womens bedroom with plush pillows
a bright comfortable rehab lounge for men
An outside Detox area with flower bed

Our Goals

  • Abstinence from Drugs & Alcohol
  • Repair Damage from addiction
  • Restore Hope to individual & family
  • Improve vocational functioning
  • Decrease legal issues related to addiction
  • Provide Tools for Healthy Living