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pay cash for substance abuse treatment, rehab facilities

1. If you pay cash for substance abuse treatment then you can choose the right facility and program for your needs, without having to worry that your insurance company will not cover the cost of your program. Some of the top rated rehab facilities are not covered by most health insurance plans but they offer the best hope for a permanent recovery.

2. Complete confidentiality is offered when you pay cash for substance abuse treatment. There are no records kept by your insurance company about your rehab treatment, only you and the chosen program or facility need to know that you are undergoing substance abuse treatment. This can be especially important if you have a high profile job or you are a professional or executive.

3. Better treatment options and more choices can be found when you pay cash for substance abuse treatment. Luxury rehabs may offer more effective methods like individual counseling sessions. These are important for a permanent recovery but the cost can be high. Typical government and charity programs for substance abuse do not offer many choices, and patients leave with a high relapse risk as a result.

4. A faster recovery is possible when a substance abuse treatment program is chosen that offers a peaceful environment and low stress levels. Paying cash for substance abuse treatment means that you can choose a facility that has fewer patients, and this means more individual attention so recovery can be reached in less time. There are no crowded environments to cause stress and interfere with your full recovery.