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Reasons to Spend the Holidays in a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, holiday rehab

1. Sobriety is the Only Gift That Family and Friends Want From You

There are many reasons to spend the holidays in a substance abuse treatment facility if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, and one of the biggest is giving your friends and family members the gift of your sobriety and recovery. This can be a gift that is priceless, worth much more than material items.

2. Avoid Holiday Depression and Increased Substance Abuse

During the holidays depression often worsens, and this can lead to even more substance abuse. When you enter a residential substance abuse treatment facility during the holidays any depression can be managed without turning to drugs or alcohol to numb this condition.

3. Avoid Extended Gatherings During This Time of Year

Many who suffer from substance abuse dread the holidays when family from all over get together. While others are discussing their achievements the substance abuser may feel ashamed or guilty by their lack of progress in these areas.

4. Give Yourself the Gift of a Brighter Future

Spending the holidays in a substance abuse treatment facility allows you to give yourself the greatest gift of all, a real chance at a permanent recovery.

5. Payment to the Treatment Facility From Family and Friends can Offset Costs

If you decide to spend the holidays in a substance abuse treatment facility I may be possible to offset some of the costs with holiday gifts of financial assistance from friends and family members. This could mean the difference between a crowded and ineffective facility and a treatment program that actually gives you the desired results.