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1. Stress- Many attribute the high rate of substance abuse among professionals to stress, at least in part although there are usually other factors in play as well. Successful professionals generally have higher levels of stress, both on and off the job, and this can contribute to alcohol or drug use.

2. High Level of Responsibility- A high level of responsibility can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, and if this is not addressed then addiction treatment could become needed as the individual uses alcohol or drugs in order to cope with these emotions. Professionals often have a responsibility for staff and other employees as well as themselves.

3. Self Employed Means No Substance Abuse Screening- Since most professionals like doctors and lawyers are self employed it may be harder to detect substance abuse among professionals because there is no employer to insist on drug and alcohol abuse screening. The substance abuse may fly under the radar for much longer in these situations.

4. Stigma Associated With Treatment- Many people are hesitant to seek out addiction treatment because of the stigma that is associated with mental health and substance abuse issues. This stigma could cause the professional to lose patients or clients if the substance abuse becomes widely known.

5. Economic Losses- Another factor involved in the decision on whether to seek addiction treatment is the potential for economic losses. If a doctor, lawyer, or other professional has their own practice then being out of contact for weeks or longer could be economic suicide unless the right substance abuse treatment center for professionals is used.