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substance abuse, rehab

substance abuse, rehab


1. Price- The best rehab may have a higher price than one that is run by a community government or charitable organization, but the cost may be worth it due to more focus on proven methods and techniques which are more effective. Make sure that you compare all of the factors involved and not just the price.

2. Location- The location of a substance abuse treatment facility can be a critical component in your decision. You want a program that provides some distance between your old activities and the start of your new and sober future. This will make it harder for you to leave on a whim or give in to an impulse to check out early.

3. Relapse Rate- The relapse rate shows how many previous patients have required additional rounds of treatment. If a program has a high relapse rate then this shows the facility may not be as effective as other options, and it may not be the right choice for your rehab needs.

4. Treatment Methods Provided- Some methods used for substance abuse treatment are scientifically proven to be more effective than others. One method that is highly effective is individual counseling sessions several times per week.

5. Residential or Outpatient Facility- Before you choose the right rehab you need to determine whether you are looking for a residential program or if an outpatient facility may be a better choice instead. Residential treatment rehabs usually offer better results.