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depression during the holidays, beat depression

1. Acknowledge Feelings of Depression During the Holidays

If you are trying to beat depression during the holidays then it is important that you acknowledge you feelings instead of trying to keep them tucked away. Sadness and grief are part of life, and if you are feeling depression during the holidays for a justified reason then remember time will help you heal.

2. Be Realistic in Your Expectations

A common reason for depression during the holidays is unrealistic expectations, because you may expect everything to be perfect. If your expectations are unrealistic then they may be impossible to meet, and you could end up being depressed as a result.

3. Set a Budget and Stick with It

Spending too much on presents and entertaining is a common problem, and overspending can lead to depression during the holidays when the bills arrive. Set a budget for presents and for entertaining and then stick with this amount no matter what.

4. Exercise and Keep Stress Levels Low to Minimize Depression During the Holidays

Make sure to get plenty of exercise to fight depression during the holidays. Exercise serves many purposes, it helps to lower your level of stress, keeps you healthy, and causes positive emotions and thoughts.

5. If Depression During the Holidays Becomes Severe Seek Professional Help

If you suffer from depression during the holiday that becomes severe then seek out professional help for this condition. Depression causes an increase in suicide attempts and substance abuse around this time of year but help and treatment are available.

6. Say No Without Guilt

Do not feel pressured to accept every holiday invitation that you receive. If you want to avoid depression during the holidays then avoid trying to do too much, make sure that you schedule time for yourself so that you can rest and recharge.

Do you suffer from depression during the holidays? If so what tips can you offer others to deal with it?