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binge eating disorder, eating disorders

Obesity is becoming a big problem in North America, and many people suffer from binge eating disorder without realizing that they need help and that this disorder can be effectively treated. Binge eating disorder occurs for many of the same reasons that other eating disorders and compulsive behaviors do. You may eat because you are emotionally upset, or food may be your comfort when you are under a lot of stress or life is going poorly. Usually binge eating disorder causes you to gain weight, but dieting is not the answer to your dilemma because the binge eating pattern will continue without the right treatment program and methods. Eating disorders can be very difficult to treat in some cases, because many treatment programs do not offer individual counseling to help the person with the disorder work through all of the causes.

Some recovery tips for binge eating disorder and other eating disorder types include:

  • Take your recovery one day at a time, and realize that there may be relapses along your journey to wellness.

  • A strong support network will help you get through the rough times without sliding backwards.

  • If you do relapse don’t look back, move forward instead. Accept that you slipped but don’t obsess over the relapse.

  • Avoid temptation whenever possible. Stock your home with healthy foods, that way if you do binge you are not consuming thousands of calories in one sitting.

  • Understand what your specific triggers are, whether this is stress, negative emotional states, or other triggers.