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How Common is Alcohol Abuse in Canada?

alcohol abuse in Canada, alcohol addiction

alcohol abuse in Canada, alcohol addiction


Alcohol abuse in Canada is very common unfortunately, in spite of the many steps taken by the government to lower the drinking rate and combat underage and excessive drinking. A study performed by CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, found that Canadian citizens drink more than the rest of the global population by half, or 50% above the average rate around the world. The author of the study, CAMH’s Social and Epidemiological Research Department Director Dr. Jürgen Rehm, explained that “The burden of disease and injury is measured when someone dies prematurely or before the life expectancy in a certain country. Most of the harm and most of the death happens to people who drink more than three drinks a day, or someone who is drinking four or more drinks on a single occasion.”

According to Dr. Rehm the highest rate of alcohol abuse in Canada and alcohol addiction by population was those between 15 years old and 29 years old. The study author also pointed out that alcohol abuse is ranked #3 when it comes to cause of death around the world. Other research has shown that around 4% of the population of Canada aged 15 years old or older have an alcohol addiction. Males in the young adult age group are 200% more likely than females to engage in alcohol abuse. Someone who is a heavy drinker has a higher risk for more than 200 different diseases and conditions, and they are more likely to die at a younger age.


Alcohol Addiction Affects Millions, Help is Available

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Alcohol addiction affects millions of people around the world and this is a big problem that many countries face. Over time alcohol abuse can cause substantial physical and psychological problems, and can even lead to death in some cases. Alcohol addiction treatment is offered in a variety of settings and environments but the truth is that many alcohol rehab programs set the individual up for failure. When this type of treatment is provided it is very important that all of the factors that contribute to the substance abuse are addressed and resolved, otherwise the best that can be managed is short term recovery which does not last. If you do not address all of your hidden wounds and contributing factors then you will eventually relapse and need further treatment later on.


At the Crossing Point we understand why comprehensive treatment is so important, and our programs are designed to provide a full and complete recovery that lasts. Spiritual counseling, individual therapy sessions, and group counseling are all provided a number of times every week. Without these elements you will not be able to identify and resolve the issues that cause you to abuse alcohol in the first place. Invisible wounds and trauma can not be seen but these play a big role in substance abuse, so they must be opened up in order for true healing to begin. You do not have to continue down the same destructive path is you have an alcohol addiction. Help is available if you are willing to ask for it, and a full recovery is possible with the right alcohol addiction treatment program.