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What are The 5 Most Important Factors With Drug Treatment Programs?

 There are several factors that are essential with drug treatment programs, and if these are not available then you could end up relapsing right after you leave the program. The 5 most important factors with drug treatment programs are:

  • Location- You need to find drug treatment programs that are not conveniently located to the city where your drug use occurs and where you live. If it is difficult and expensive to leave treatment then you are more likely to stick it out.

  • Cost- The price charged for services will need to be affordable and within your budget, but that does not mean you should only look at the cheapest drug treatment programs.

  • Treatment Methods Offered- Individual counseling is a must if you are going to work through the issues causing the drug use and actually recover. Drug treatment programs that do not offer individual counseling will be less effective in most cases. Group therapy and other methods should also be offered.

  • Recovery Tools Provided- Look for programs that offer a wide range of recovery tools which can help you manage stress and negative emotions without relapsing and going back to the old ways.

  • Staff- If the staff at the chosen drug treatment programs are not caring and compassionate then this could affect the outcome of your treatment. When the staff actually cares about your recovery you are far more likely to succeed and less tempted to leave the facility before you are ready to face the outside world again.   

Which Drug Treatment Programs Provide the Best Results?

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Drug treatment programs can be found in all shapes, sizes, costs, and treatment philosophies, so how can you find the one program that can give you the best possible results? This step is not always easy, because almost all of the drug rehabs advertise that they are the top program or the most affordable choice. Instead of looking at the marketing materials you are better off looking at the types of treatment methods that are used and the support tools that the drug rehab offers. This will help you determine just how successful the drug treatment program is and whether it is cost effective or not. Some drug rehabs may charge a very high price, but they do not always offer the proven treatment methods or high rate of success that you need and are looking for.


When you evaluate drug treatment programs it is normal to look at the cost first, but there are other factors that are just as important. Tools that include anger management, nutritional counseling, and stress relief techniques can all help prevent future relapses and keep you on the right path through life. Individual and group counseling sessions are also crucial, and they help the individual work through the specific reasons for the drug abuse. The reasons for using drugs can be different with each person, so a customized treatment plan is also needed for the best possible results. At the Crossing Point we treat the individual as well as the drug abuse issues, so that you get exceptional results and a permanent recovery.   


5 Factors To Look At Before Choosing Drug Treatment Programs!

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1. Costs- The costs associated with drug treatment programs is a very important factor, but this should never be the only thing that you look at before you make a final decision. Some upscale luxury rehabs may have exceptional settings and numerous luxuries and amenities, but little in the way of actual treatment benefits.

2. Past Results- Ask the drug treatment programs that you are evaluating about past results that have been achieved. Find out what the typical recovery and relapse rates are for the program or facility and then compare these. This will help you choose the programs that have the highest success rates within your specific budget.

3. Drug Treatment Program Options- In addition to counseling and therapy sessions find out what other options you have available with the drug treatment programs being considered. This can include equine therapy, anger management classes, nutrition instruction, and many other options that may help you reach a permanent recovery.

4. Counseling Types Provided- Closely examine the types of counseling and therapy that each program offers. Look for several hours of individual counseling, as well as group sessions. Each case may have different contributing factors, and individual counseling sessions will help you work through your specific factors so you recover faster and more effectively.

5. Whether or Not Detox Services are Offered- With a number of substances medical detox may be needed, and the drug treatment programs you are considering should offer this service if it is needed. If you choose a rehab that does not offer detox this could mean spending days or longer at a detox facility and then having to relocate in order to receive substance abuse treatment once you are finally clean and drug free.

The Crossing Point provides affordable substance abuse treatment that is highly effective. If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol we can help you overcome these issues.




All Drug Treatment Programs Are Not Equal

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Drug treatment programs come in many shapes, sizes, treatment regimens, and costs. Each facility will have specific drug treatment methods that are offered, and residential settings that can range from sparse and bare to highly luxurious and incredibly elegant. Just because a facility offers luxury this does not always mean that the most effective substance abuse treatment methods are provided though, so it is important to do some research and evaluate each rehab carefully. Community programs that are run by government agencies may be crowded and noisy, and this environment may be overwhelming while you are trying to work towards a complete and permanent recovery. High end luxury options may be too expensive to fit in your budget though, and you may not be sure where to turn when you need help.


Look at the types of therapy that each of the possible drug treatment programs offer. Choose a facility that provides several hours of individual counseling each week in order to get the best possible treatment results. Spiritual counseling can also increase the effectiveness of a rehab program and help to heal any spiritual wounds that you have. Balancing cost and great results may not seem easy but when you take the time to find the best possible rehab the results that you get are worth the effort. The Crossing Point can provide highly effective substance abuse treatment and addiction help, with the latest treatment methods and a serene environment that is conducive to a full recovery.