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eating disorders, holidays

1. If you are struggling with one of the eating disorders then set up extra support options during the season. This will allow you to call or visit someone when you are tempted to give in or you are struggling to cope with negative thoughts or emotions. Reach for the phone instead of the food and give your support person a call.

2. Ask someone that you trust to act as a reality check for you during the holidays when it comes to food. This individual can help prepare a plate for you, recommend whether your portion sizes are correct, and even help you determine when you have had enough or if your food intake is not sufficient.

3. People who struggle with eating disorders need to place a focus on time spent together. Plan an event where the food items offered are less important than the activities and events scheduled. Invite others to an evening of holiday games and cheer, with non alcoholic beverages and healthy nibbles for them to snack on.

4. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of down time during the holidays. This time of year can mean many invitations and events to attend, leaving you short on time that you need to relax and unwind. Learn to say no and politely decline invitations that are not a priority for you. When you are tired or stressed you are more likely to give in to unhealthy eating patterns so avoid these factors at all costs.