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holiday eating disorder tips, controlling eating disorders during the holidays

  • Controlling Eating Disorders Means Never Skipping Meals- One of the best holiday eating disorder tips is to make sure that you eat on a regular basis and that you do not skip any meals. This will lead to increased hunger and could cause you to go off your treatment plan and relapse.

  • Plan for Parties Ahead of Time and Know the Menu Being Served- If you have a plan ready for the event and you know the food choices then you are far more likely to succeed in your treatment goals.

  • Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand- Carry a baggie of healthy snack choices with you at all times. If you feel tempted or get hungry then this allows you to control what you eat, regardless of the foods available or the menu being served at the party.

  • Avoid High Calorie Alcoholic Drinks- Alcohol contains a large amount of empty calories, and these can be a big problem if you are trying to control eating disorders during the holidays. Try non alcoholic options which are lower in calories and that will not cause you to lose control of your eating.

  • Create a Holiday Season Support System- During the holidays a support system can be critical for anyone who is battling eating disorders, and this is true with other problems like alcohol and drug abuse as well.

  • Schedule Therapy Sessions More Frequently During the Holidays- This is not a sign of weakness but an indication of how tough the holidays can be for many people.

  • Do Not Feel Guilty for Saying No- You should never feel guilty for turning something down, and no one should ever make you feel bad for doing this., If your host tries to pressure you then they do not have your best interests at heart and you can leave without remorse.