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Halloween without alcohol, substance abuse

Halloween without alcohol, substance abuse


1. Enjoy Halloween without alcohol by throwing your own party and making it clear on the invitation that this is an alcohol free event. Look online and find some spooky cocktails that do not include any alcohol and then serve these to your guests instead. Most people will not even miss the booze and your party will be a big success while you and your guests stay sober.

2. Volunteer in your community. You are more likely to engage in drinking and other forms of substance abuse if you are at home alone on this holiday. Look on the Internet for volunteer opportunities in your town or city, and go help others enjoy this time of year while you get out of the house and stay away from alcohol.

3. If you are looking for fun ways to spend Halloween without alcohol then reach out to some of the recovery groups in your area to find out what parties and other events they will be holding. In most areas AA, NA, and other recovery groups will hold celebrations which are designated substance free. This allows everyone to enjoy a good time without drinking or using drugs.

4. Avoid any event or celebration where you know drinking or other types of substance abuse will be going on. One of the most common relapse triggers is arrogance, thinking that you can be around a substance that you have had a problem with in the past without being affected. Avoid these events completely.