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alcohol abuse, alcoholism

alcohol abuse, alcoholism


1. One of the most common signs of alcohol abuse is drinking excessively. This may mean drinking to get drunk or consuming alcohol until you become unconscious and pass out. Binge drinking does not usually occur every day but it is an indication that there is a problem with alcohol abuse that needs to be addressed.

2. One of the symptoms of alcoholism is needing to drink on a daily basis. If you find that you can not relax after work without having at least one drink, or you feel the need to drink at the same time every day, then substance abuse treatment is needed.

3. Alcohol abuse treatment may be needed if you find that you have an urge to drink whenever you are under pressure or the stress of daily life gets too high. Sometimes individuals turn to alcohol in order to cope with these pressures and that can lead to abuse.

4. One sign of alcoholism is continuing to drink even though this interferes with your daily life and responsibilities. If you find that you are having problems at work, school, or home because of your alcohol consumption yet you continue to drink then this is an indication that you need treatment for substance abuse.

5. Typically alcohol abuse causes relationship problems. If you hide how much or how often you drink from family and friends in order to avoid any arguments or problems then this means you are probably abusing alcohol. Being secretive and hiding your drinking habits is a sign of a problem that needs to be resolved.