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bath salts, designer drugs

Bath salts are dangerous drugs, and they are used by a variety of people from many different age and income groups. Bath salts are designer drugs, so they are created in a laboratory setting, and these substances can cause hallucinations and they have a stimulant effect on the user as well. When the designer drugs were first produced they were not technically illegal under the laws at the time, but that has changed and today bath salts are illegal to use in the USA and Canada. The term bath salts is commonly used for these man made substances because they resemble the bath products that people use in the tub, and bath salts are usually found in a white crystal or powder form although the color may vary.

Bath salts are designer drugs that are bad news for anyone who uses them. There have been news reports of individuals under the influence of bath salts who have attacked, seriously injured, or even killed innocent people. There are a number of ways that bath salts are used. The drug may be snorted as a powder, placed in a capsule or paper package and swallowed, smoked, or dissolved in liquid and injected or swallowed. Bath salt users may become extremely agitated, act violently towards others, have hallucinations, and become paranoid. The user may also seem to be stronger than normal because of their mental instability and the stimulant effect that bath salts have. There is no clear cut definition of who uses bath salts because users come from many different age and income levels.