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designer drug, heroin substitute, Krokodil

Krokodil is a designer drug and heroin substitute that was first produced in Siberia, and this deadly compound has spread far and wide since first being created and has contributed to many cases of substance abuse. Is it a cause for alarm in the USA though? Until fairly recently the answer has been no, but that changed when the first cases of Krokodil abuse surfaced in Phoenix, Arizona. The horrible deformities and life threatening medical conditions that Krokodile can cause do not stop users from abusing the designer drug, and it can be made quickly at home with just a few common household chemicals and ingredients. The high that the user gets from this heroin substitute is short lived when compared to heroin, but it can be produced in just a few hours.

The designer drug and heroin substitute Krokodil may also go by the name Desomorphine, and the formula for the drug may include a range of harmful chemicals. Codeine is combined with iodine and also red phosphorous, and then additional substances are added. These can include paint thinner, turpentine, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, and other caustic chemicals that can eat or dissolve body fat and other tissue types. Krokodil users typically die within a few years of starting this designer drug, but abuse of the heroin substitute continues because it is so easy and inexpensive to make at home. With the first cases of Krokodil abuse being seen in America already this designer drug is a big reason for medical and law enforcement personnel in the USA to be very concerned.