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stimulant drugs, prescription medications

Are stimulant drugs being prescribed too frequently? This is a question that some medical professionals are starting to ask, and the evidence may show that the answer is yes. It is common today for children and teens to be prescribed stimulant medications in order to help them do better in school, concentrate better and focus more, and control their behavior. Some are claiming that these prescription medications are being over prescribed though, and that these drugs are being used in order to control kids and allow larger class sizes with less teacher attention and intervention. While it is true that some kids may require these medications in order to function properly there have been cases where the medications have been prescribed when other treatments including individual and group therapy may have been just as effective.

If you or your child has been prescribed stimulant drugs there are some things that need to be considered. Are these prescription medications the only treatment option that will work or are there other methods of treatment that may carry fewer risks? Therapy and counseling may offer great results but these treatments usually take some time to start showing results, and sometimes people want a quick fix without having to work on their progress. There are situations where stimulant drugs are needed but the use of these prescription medications should be weighed carefully against any risks that are involved. Stimulant drugs have a high potential for abuse and addiction, and for anyone who already has a higher than typical risk for these factors the use of stimulants should only be done after all other treatment methods have failed.