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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Addiction Treatment

1. Choosing the wrong type of addiction treatment facility or program is a very big mistake, one that could cost you a future of sobriety and abstinence from drugs or alcohol. The wrong treatment methods or facility type could cause you to relapse, or even to leave treatment before you are finished and on the way to recovery.

2. One of the more common mistakes when it comes to substance abuse treatment is failing to understand what addiction is or how this condition works. Extended drug or alcohol use changes the way your brain works, and the damage done could take months or even longer to reverse once you do finally seek help and go for treatment.

3. Not cultivating the right attitude towards addiction treatment can mean failing to get sober and stay that way. Recovery can be a very challenging time even when the individual is highly motivated and has the right attitude. Those who are not willing to change or who are trying to fake it just to work the program or system will not get the help they need and deserve because they have the wrong attitude.

4. Not cultivating a strong and extensive support system is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that you can make. A strong support system is necessary so that you have the support you need when your will or motivation is low or when you feel a relapse close by. You will find that some friends and loved ones make recovery harder than it can be, and these people should not be considered part of your support group because they will not help you stay strong and keep your resolve to finally beat addiction once and for all.

5 Reasons Substance Abuse Among Professionals May be So High and Addiction Treatment May Not be Sought

1. Stress- Many attribute the high rate of substance abuse among professionals to stress, at least in part although there are usually other factors in play as well. Successful professionals generally have higher levels of stress, both on and off the job, and this can contribute to alcohol or drug use.

2. High Level of Responsibility- A high level of responsibility can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, and if this is not addressed then addiction treatment could become needed as the individual uses alcohol or drugs in order to cope with these emotions. Professionals often have a responsibility for staff and other employees as well as themselves.

3. Self Employed Means No Substance Abuse Screening- Since most professionals like doctors and lawyers are self employed it may be harder to detect substance abuse among professionals because there is no employer to insist on drug and alcohol abuse screening. The substance abuse may fly under the radar for much longer in these situations.

4. Stigma Associated With Treatment- Many people are hesitant to seek out addiction treatment because of the stigma that is associated with mental health and substance abuse issues. This stigma could cause the professional to lose patients or clients if the substance abuse becomes widely known.

5. Economic Losses- Another factor involved in the decision on whether to seek addiction treatment is the potential for economic losses. If a doctor, lawyer, or other professional has their own practice then being out of contact for weeks or longer could be economic suicide unless the right substance abuse treatment center for professionals is used.

When is Addiction Treatment Needed?

substance abuse, addiction treatment

substance abuse, addiction treatment


When many people think of addiction treatment they think of substance abuse, but not all addictions involve alcohol or drugs. Knowing when to seek treatment is important in order to get help that is needed, and assuming that addiction only occurs with substance abuse is a big mistake. There are people who are addicted to sex, gambling, porn, the Internet, and even shopping or eating. All of these problems are caused by emotional wounds or a void in the life of the addict that the individual is trying to fill. Understanding when addiction treatment is needed is very important, and if you do not know when to ask for help then you will never recover and overcome the addiction that is affecting your life.

Addiction treatment is needed any time you develop an addiction. If something interferes with a normal life and it has a devastating effect on you and those that you care about but you continue the same behavior and activity then addiction treatment should be sought. This is true whether the problem is substance abuse or if you find that you are losing monthly bill money by gambling yet you can not seem to stop and continue to give in to the compulsion in spite of the consequences. There are many different types of addiction, and some involve substance abuse while others do not. Any of these can have a devastating impact and destroy your life, and without treatment a full recovery is not possible. There is help available, and effective addiction treatment programs that work.


New Research Study Examines Neural Responses Before and After Addiction Treatment!

addiction treatment, research study

Do the study results from a new research study show that addiction is for life? The answer is not quite that clear cut, and the study uses neural activity before and after addiction treatment to determine why some individuals never stop their substance abuse even when the consequences are deadly. Anyone involved in substance abuse programs and addiction treatment facilities understand just how hard it can be to break certain addictions. The new study shows that recovery can be a lifelong process. Biological Psychiatry is the journal where the study results are published. The editor of this journal is Dr. John Krystal, and when asked about the study results he is credited as saying “The knowledge that some neural changes associated with addiction persist despite long periods of abstinence is important because it supports clinical wisdom that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process.”


Addiction treatment is very important, and there is no quick fix for substance abuse. During the study there were 3 groups used. One of the groups had no substance abuse issues at all, another group involved individuals with current substance abuse, and the third group involved patients who were in recovery after experiencing addiction. Even after the substance abuse was abstained from for a long period of time the reward center of the brain did not revert back to the previous function. Once the addiction changed the neural pathways and reward center of the brain these areas did not go back to normal once the substance abuse was stopped.  


The Role That Faith Can Play In Addiction Treatment

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When it comes to addiction treatment there are many program types and facility options to choose from. One factor that may be overlooked initially is faith, and this is a big mistake. Faith can help in many ways when an addiction is present and help is needed. A Christian drug rehab or alcohol treatment center may see a higher success rate and longer client recovery times without relapse than programs and facilities that do not have any faith based affiliations. Believing in a higher power allows individuals to learn to accept what can not be changed, and to trust in god to help them make the right choices and decisions. If the spiritual component is missing then the recovery achieved may only be short term and the substance abuse may resume shortly after you leave the treatment program.


A Christian based addiction treatment program like the Crossing Point can help in a number of ways. The staff is compassionate and caring, with Christian beliefs and a true concern for your well being. Faith also helps make you stronger and allows you to learn to accept the things in your life that you have no control over. Spiritual healing is an important part of recovery and if this step is missed then spiritual voids may not be filled. This can leave hidden wounds that are still there, and these will continue to fester and infect your life. Just because the traumas and wounds that cause spiritual voids are hidden this does not mean that they do not exist, and these must be addressed if your recovery is to be permanent.